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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Recent Reads: Magazine Articles

Happiness by Jill De Haan in Departures Magazine
Here are a few magazine articles (old and new) that I read and enjoyed recently.

"Happiness" published in Departures, September 2020
by Eviana Hartman, Illustrations by Jill De Haan

"Happiness: it may seem elusive to the point of impossible, but true contentment is within reach, even now especially now."

This magazine was sitting on a shelf for nearly two years, and I finally read through it and found some gems like this article that provided a hopeful outlook. I especially loved the accompanying illustrations by Jill De Haan. I photographed one of her beautiful drawings above.

"Padma Laksmi: The Storyteller" published in Departures, September 2020
by Korsha Wilson

"The Top Chef host takes on a new mission: to chronicle American life, one dish at a time."

I watched the first season of Taste the Nation when it first aired, and it was really wonderful. Padma's show presented such diversity in American food, with a beautiful emphasis on women's voices and immigrant stories.

"Willa, Truman. Truman, Willa" published in Vanity Fair, November 16, 2006
"Remembering Willa Cather" by Truman Capote

"A chance meeting between a destitute young journalist and a blue-eyed lady in a sable coat brought together two of America's greatest writers. Published here exclusively, 22 years after his death, the author's final work describes the day he met his idol, Willa Cather, in a New York City snowstorm."

This was such a charming recounting of an unexpected meeting between two fantastic writers.