Sunday, December 8, 2002

Tunnel Vision by Keith Lowe

Tunnel Vision by Keith Lowe

Tunnel Vision by Keith Lowe is a unique book that was published in 2001 by MTV Books. MTV Books also published The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and several other cool titles. Along with bringing new authors to my attention, each book has vibrant, striking cover art.

The premise of Tunnel Vision is curious. It starts out when Andy makes a drunken bet with his friend Rolf, a fellow “trainspotter,” to visit all 267 London Tube stations in a single day. It’s the day before Andy’s wedding in Paris, so it’s a race against time for him to succeed and meet his fiancĂ©e Rachel.

Rachel is understandably dismayed when she learns of Andy’s bet, and she tells Andy that she’s going to Paris on the Eurostar with or without him. Andy can only retrieve his passport and Eurostar tickets by completing the entire subway map. Meanwhile, Rolf is trying to sabotage Andy and stop his wedding because he’s secretly in love with Rachel. Andy is obsessive and determined, and has the help of Brian, a homeless man, who joins him on his journey. Will he succeed?

This book was an enjoyable read, especially if you like taking subways and trains or reading about personal journeys.

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