Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón

Bright Dead Things by Ada Limon

Bright Dead Things is a book of poems by Ada Limón that was published in 2015. Limón's poems are raw and personal. In reading them, I felt I was caught in an intense flood of emotions.

The title of the volume comes from Limón's poem "I Remember the Carrots" where she remembers ripping up her father's carrot crop as a child and loving her "own bright dead things." This poem was one of my favorites.

I also loved the closing lines of her poem "Outside Oklahoma, We See Boston," where Limón writes about the mud swallows building their nests,

How do they do it? Demand the sweet continuance of birth and flight in a place so utterly reckless? How masterful and mad is hope.

It was a thoughtful, intimate, engaging read.

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